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Accounts Training and Placement

As many of the employers think that it is unlikely of the graduates or individuals, who have no work experience previously, to be successful in the job interviews. They face many problems in the selection process, or they might have less or even no chance of getting a job offer from a reputable organization. The job market is way more competitive than one thinks, for that purpose individual have to gain more comprehensive knowledge about accounting. Employers look for a more and more experienced lot to work for them.

Accounts Training

Accounts training is known to be one of the essential factors in the development of the accountant in his future career. Such practices make a person to gain more valuable experience that aids in uplifting his profession. Accounts training include the intensive courses like accounting principles, monetary statements, cash flow and internal control, accompanied by several other courses like accounts training services, taxation, budgetary information, business advisory services to all the small and large scale enterprises.

Importance of Accounts Training

If you want to start up your career in accounting, it is essential for you to to take account training courses. In the field of accounting, it is necessary to have in-depth knowledge of Accounting Principle, Internal control, Cash flow and monetary statements, finance controlling, assisting finance and managing it. These training are considered as the foundation for job approvals. Account training provides you with all the practical skills and a more explicit flow of knowledge to work as an account assistant.

The training courses cover

  • Invoice knowledge
  • Invoice generation
  • Purchase and sales receipt
  • Expense receipt
  • VAT
  • VAT return
  • VAT reconciliation
  • Creating different VAT scheme
  • Different payroll methodologies
  • Balance adjustments in details
  • Profit and loss balance sheet
  • Submission of RTI

Our courses include:

• Audit Training:
  • Sharpens your auditing skills
  • Enhance your abilities in accounts
  • Progress your career with audit training courses
  • Custom training program according to your requirement
  • Allows you to do the job more efficiently and with planning
  • After course completion you can work as Auditor receiving a high salary

• Management Accounts Training
  • Helps you in creating the best internal financial information system
  • Analyze financial statements to make the best decisions
  • Increased chances of getting a job
  • Create and understand the fund flow statement
  • Process cash flow statement
  • Budgeting control
  • Variance analysis
  • Analyze product and labour cost

• VAT training
  • Analysis of various VAT scheme
  • Reconciliation of VAT
  • Deep understanding of bookkeeping and payrolls
  • VAT spreadsheet

• Payroll training
  • Payroll reconciliation training
  • Intensive tax year-end training
  • Payroll administration training
  • Report writing and other administrative practices
  • Sage intelligence connector and report manager training
  • Understanding of payroll laws and recent legislation

• CIS Training
  • Better knowledge of the Construction Industry Scheme
  • Building up Employment status and verification process
  • Activation of CIS module on XERO, Sage and QuickBooks
  • Overall compliance with the law

We train our candidates on the following software use

We train our applicants under the different accounting software like

  • SAGE
  • XERO
  • QuickBooks
  • Excel
  • Forbes
  • IRIS
  • Capium
  • VT Software
  • Freshbooks
  • Free Agent

All of the software mentioned above are considered as top applications in the accounting world. The courses offer excellent working understanding and practical experience on the various methods and procedures of bookkeeping that are crucial for the useful daily recordings and storage of economic data.

Accounting Training and Placements:

By the completion of course training, you will get CPD certification which is considered as the most valuable point in the accounting industry. Accounting Jobs Birmingham helps you in building up your CV and provide you with work placements as well. Account training and placements are our main aim. Accounting Jobs Birmingham, on the completion of training, helps you in the provision of work placement within the industry or supports you in recruiting outside.

Accounting Jobs Birmingham is a certified company that plays a vital role in providing a guaranteed work placement option to its applicants. Placement opportunity is optional but depends on the time you spent working on the client being a part of our accounting team. The accounting training followed by placements is one of the significant opportunities in real job life.

At Accounting Jobs Birmingham we not only provide placement opportunity but also help in Job hunting and after Job support.

  • Our current recruitment team helps in building your resume, which would possibly lead you towards your dream job.
  • Opportunity to work with our team to gain more experience that would make your CV more attractive
  • We support our trainees even after they get their jobs in every possible way
  • We provide our trainees with technical advice whenever needed
  • Our trainers hold the meeting with the trainees, on mutually agreed timings, who are seeking further job support.
  • You will receive a completion certificate recognizing your abilities and knowledge based on your training.
  • We also provide alternative certification from the awarded body.

Our distinctive strategy to mixing key theoretical ideas and practical skills gives you a tremendous competitive advantage in your search of work placement.

Why Choose Accounting Jobs Birmingham?

  • Provide certification from a certified accounting firm
  • UK's topmost accounting training provider
  • Learning and practising from home
  • Qualified trainers provide you with full-time support in every possible way
  • Guaranteed work placement
  • Provide an outstanding balance between theory and practice
  • Covers all the requirements required by the accounting bodies for hiring individuals

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